Royal Caribbean cruises are probably the most well known cruise line. This is partly to do with Royal Caribbean’s innovation as far as on board activities and accommodations go. Royal Caribbean was the first cruise company to incorporate such onboard amenities as ice skating rinks and rock climbing walls.

Royal Caribbean cruises sail to more than 120 destinations around the world to a wide array of stunning locales and scenery. Their destinations include such exotic places as the Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii, South American and the Panama Canal, all kinds of small and romantic islands and closer retreats such as the Pacific Northwest.

I enjoyed my Pacific Northwest Royal Caribbean cruise very much. Though I had traveled to Seattle and Vancouver by plane and car before, it was completely different to experience these places from the sea side of things. I got to see all the little islands around Vancouver and up north more toward Whistler. I had no idea that the Pacific Northwest was just that beautiful, and the comforts of the cruise ship made everything that much more enjoyable.

I was able t leave the cruise ship nearly every day and explored many of the scenic towns and islands of the Pacific Northwest during my cruise on Royal Caribbean. I am definitely interested in taking another Royal Caribbean cruise to another destination.

My experience with Royal Caribbean was just wonderful. One of the nicest things about taking a cruise is that it’s like taking a multi-leg trip without having to book several different planes and sets of hotel accommodations. Everything is already taken care of. With a Royal Caribbean cruise all you have to do is show up, the rest is already done and all you have to do is take part in whichever activities sound the best to you.

Most days of my Pacific Northwest cruise I left the ship and explored various port stops. I went hiking and fishing and got a chance to do some sightseeing and shopping as well. Then there were a few days where I felt more like taking it easy and ended up lounging around in my room, reading and watching television. That’s why cruises are the best, you don’t haveto stick to your itinerary if you have a change of heart.


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I always enjoy Princess Cruise Line ports of call. I went on one of their Alaskan voyages and the ports were amazing. We stopped in British Columbia at Vancouver and Victoria. I stopped in at the Blue Water Café in Vancouver and loved their food. I also rode the SkyTrain which was incredible.

The Princess Cruise Line ports of call for my Alaska trip were all so enjoyable. I think that Alaska is the most beautiful state I’ve visited. When we were docked in Kodiak, I ate at a marvelous place called Second Floor Restaurant. I have never had such wonderful sushi and tempura in my whole life.

The scenic cruising that the Princess Cruise Line did in Prince William Sound was just amazing. Prince William Sound is home to orcas, Beluga whales and dolphins. The Chugach National Forest surrounds Prince William Sound and is the largest forest in the United States. The forest is 5.5 million acres.

I had a great time when one of my Princess Cruise Line ports of call was Seattle. I have always loved Seattle. I made sure that I was able to stop by Dahlia’s for dessert. They make the best desserts. The one that I ordered the last time I was there was the doughnut, made to order with seasonal jam and mascarpone. It was fabulous.

When I took my Australian voyage, the Princess Cruise Line ports of call were so much fun. My ship stopped in Honolulu and Osaka. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Hawaii and the lushness of Osaka. I think that the Australian trip I took with Princess Cruise Line was by far my favorite.

My next Princess Cruise Line trip will include a stop in Cape Town, South Africa. I can hardly wait. I have a colleague that spent a lot of time in Cape Town and has recommended to me to eat at Ons Huisie. I will certainly take his recommendation.

My next trip will also include in its Princess Cruise Line ports of call Beijing, China. I hope to walk on the great wall. I have already started planning my trip to the last detail and I am about to bust waiting for four more months to go by.

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