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Dear Friend,

You’ve been looking forward to a vacation all year long, haven’t you?

This year, you’d like to do something different.

You’ve heard a friend of a friend raving about the luxury cruise they took during their own vacation, and you think you’d like to do the same. But, you aren’t sure where to start.


Aren’t luxury cruises really expensive?

You aren’t made of money, after all – you have to think of your budget.

What if I told you that a luxury cruise is the best value in travel you can get for your hard earned money?

It includes your meals, your cabin, all the activities onboard the ship, parties, and all sorts of live entertainment.


A ship is like a little resort hotel – all inclusive, including programs for kids of all ages!

And, don’t think that cruises are just for honeymooners or senior citizens!

People of all ages consider a luxury cruise to be THE BEST vacation!


But How Can You Find Out What Cruise Line Is Best?


You could spend hours and hours researching the major cruise lines via the Internet, or by telephone.

But, would you know questions to ask to find out if a certain cruise had the amenities you and your family would most enjoy?

How do you choose an itinerary?

Do you know how to ask for a type of cruise that would save you big bucks?

Which cruise line would be best suited for your kids?

Do you know how to enjoy a luxury cruise without the hassle of obtaining a passport?

What is a port of call, and why should you choose a cruise with it in mind?

How do you book a cruise?

Most importantly, how much will all this cost?


Your time is very valuable.

You’re in need of a lot of detailed information about luxury cruise lines in general, especially if you’re a first-time cruiser.

You want to know how to choose a cruise you will enjoy.

And, you’d like to save yourself some money, too.

It would take weeks to compile all that information you need if you did it yourself.

Save time now – and book a fantastic cruise for less with…


Come Sail Away – Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Cruises…


Let this ebook guide you in your quest for information on how to get a fantastic cruise deal, and have the time of your life on vacation!


If you are new to cruise vacations, get the best value for your money while learning all you can about the cruise line you’ve chosen and discovering what to expect on your first cruise! Know what you will be spending for your vacation before you ever leave home!

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Learn valuable and informative inside information directly from the top cruise lines...


Cruise Secrets Revealed–


In depth information and facts on luxury cruises
Every major type of cruise explained!

How to plan your cruise to save you the most money! Hints and tips for first time cruisers!

A summary of all the major cruise lines, their toll free numbers, types of ships, onboard amenities, , and ports of call!

Get deep discounts on last minute cruises – often up to 75% off!

Find out all about those theme, adventure, and repositioning cruises you’ve heard about!

Which cruise line is the best for honeymooners?

Revealed… Kid-friendly cruises!

Best cruise choices for seniors and the disabled!

Have your wedding onboard, or on a romantic island!


Here is what you will learn inside this guide....


• The fascinating history of luxury cruise ships

Planning your luxury cruise for first time cruisers

• Cruise ship destinations around the world

How to choose a cruise to fit your personality and interests

• Kids, teens, and luxury cruise ship

Which cruise lines have dress codes, and which ones are super casual

• Gay and lesbian family cruises with Rosie O’Donnell

Clothing optional private cruises – Yes, you can!

• Details of cruise line destinations world wide

Bowling alleys, rock climbing, regulation size boxing rings, and skating rinks on cruise ships? Onboard activities that will surprise you!

And a lot more!


How Much Is That Worth To You?


Time is money in the luxury cruise industry.

A great deal on a cruise may be here today, and gone tomorrow! The sooner you have this ebook in your hands, the sooner you’ll know exactly how the cruise line “system” works, how to go about deciding where your dream cruise destination will be, and how to get there for less! Make the plans that are best for you, at a price you can afford, and enjoy knowing how much your vacation will cost before you ever walk out your front door!


These incredible resources are going to save you money that you can tuck away for the little “extras” you’ll need onboard – cocktails, gambling, spa treatments – and on shore excursions – those day trips when your ship is in port. You can afford to pamper yourself with these incredible savings, which can be as much as hundreds of dollars!


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This book is written in an easy to read, friendly conversational style and the tips and tricks inside will teach you everything you need to know – and a lot you didn’t think you needed to know – to make that dream vacation of yours a reality.


You… and your family… deserve the vacation of a lifetime!

Don’t run the risk of booking yourself on the wrong cruise ship, headed for a destination that you won’t enjoy, surrounded by people that you have nothing in common with!

That’s a mistake you just won’t make with the treasure trove of info inside this book!

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P.S. Bowling, rock climbing, and roller skating on cruise ships, as mentioned above, are only a fraction of the fun onboard activities common to luxury cruises! Have fun on yours!