For wine to mature in the proper way, you’ll need to have the right humidity, temperature, light condition, and movement. Whenever you are storing wine for any amount of time, you’ll need to ensure that the wine is in a safe place. Even though there are a few ways that you can store wine, none are safer or smarter than using a wine rack.

When you choose your wine rack, you should always remember to choose one that will store your wine properly. There are a several styles to choose from, including those that stack, wall mounts, and side mounts. You should also pay attention to size as well, as the sizes range from storing a few bottles to storing hundreds. You’ll also have a lot of varieties and designs to select from, all of which depend on your needs and your space.

Among the best types of wine racks are the horizontal racks. Contrary to what many may think, vertical racks aren’t a good choice for storing your wine. Wine that is stored on vertical racks are stored vertically, which means that the cork will dry out and eventually start to shrink, bringing air into the wine and ruining it. On the other hand, vertical racks can come in handy when storing wine for short periods of time, or wine that is best consumed young.

Tilted racks are another type of rack you should avoid using, as they can dry out the corks or deposit the sediments too close to the cork. For your wine storing needs, you should always go with a horizontal rack. Horizontal racks will keep the cork moist, and keep unwanted air from making contact with the wine. The sediment will fall towards the side of the bottle, preventing spillage when you pop the cork. Horizontal racks are also very affordable and you can always add more racks to the design with little to no problem.

The materials for wine racks are normally wood or metal. You can hang them from ceilings, mount them on the wall, or simply place them on the floor. Metal racks are the strongest, although wood is more flexible. Wooden racks provide a bit more storage, for the simple fact that you can always add to them. Wood racks are also visually appealing, durable, and provide plenty of strength.

All in all, a wine rack is a fine investment for anyone who appreciates wine. There are various sizes to choose from, all of which are very affordable. The small to medium sizes work best for homes, while the large styles are best for commercial settings. No matter where you keep your wine - you can count on a wine rack to keep your wine stored for years to come.

If you have a few grapevines growing in your backyard and if you have tasted the fruits of your labor, then maybe the time has come for you to stock your own label. Actually, you do not need your own grapes to make your own wine and you normally make better wine if you do not have your own grapes.

The reason for this is that home wine brewing kits are so popular these days that you can go from chardonnay to merlot from a click of your mouse and simply order on-line whichever wine you prefer.

Home wine brewing kits also provide you with all of the basic equipment needed to make your own flavorful and unique wine at home. But then, if you decide to use your own grapes, your cost will be much less since you do not have to order the fruit. There are home wine brewing kits that specialize in home grown grapes.

There are Vintner’s Reserve Wine Kits, Chianti Wine Kits, Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kits and the list goes on. There are Wine Expert Wine Kits and the Beginners Home Wine Brewing Kits. These kits all come with instructions on how to make your wine, so even the newest wine connoisseur can venture into a kit for home wine brewing.

The Kit Contents

You kit will come with some basic equipment that will include: your recipe-this is absolutely necessary for any wine maker, a huge fermenting bucket with lid, a 6-gallon Better Bottle plastic carboy, #10 drilled rubber stopper-absolutely necessary so you don’t lose a drop, 3-piece airlock, triple scale hydrometer, bottle brush-you definitely want clean bottles, siphon unit, one–step sanitizer, Italian double lever corker-definitely needed, approximately 30 #8 X1.5” corks- you must have corks.

Your ingredients will be your fruit, yeast, additives and water. Most home wine brewing kits do not come with the bottles, but they are easily added with another click of the mouse. Usually the same company where you ordered your home wine brewing kit from will sell the bottles to you, as well.

After you have read the instructions very carefully, you may begin your pouring and measuring with your ingredients of the home wine brewing kit. When you have completed your mission and are sitting back waiting for your wine to ferment, its time to open a cookbook and learn how to bake your own bread sticks.

Go to the local gourmet store and choose their finest olive oil and a few herbs and spices. When all is ready, uncork your special reserve, taste a bread stick dipped in oil and put on your favorite CD. Brewing your own wine with your home wine brewing kit doesn’t get much better than this.