Being one of the earliest civilizations known to human kind Greece is a country with rich history, heritage and culture. It is the place where Byzantine Empire once ruled and also great Ottoman Empire. It is also considered to be as the birth place of Democracy. Athens is the capital city of Greece. The Olympic games originated in Greece. Not only that, it was the world center for western philosophy, political science, astronomy, mathematics, major scientific studies and what not. It is also known as a Mediterranean country as it has Mediterranean Sea in the south. It is a popular destination for world tourists in that region known for its beautiful beaches, reach history and charming villages. The Greek islands are one of the most wonderful places to be explored by Cruise or Yacht.
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If you are walking about in Athens you might want to see the Tower of the Winds, also called horologion (timepiece) or Book of Hours is located on the east side of the Roman Agora. The Tower of the Winds stands 42 feet high and was designed by a famous astronomer Andronicus of Cyrrhus during the Hellenistic period around the mid-2nd centry B.C. There are 8 winds carved on the 8 sides of the marble building, decorated with a frieze of figures in relief representing the 8 winds As you can see from the above drawing... there used to be a  weathervane-like Triton that indicated the wind direction. ΒΟΡΕΑΣ (North).

He blows the cold north wind
through a large shell.
ΝΟΤΟΣ (South).
Bearer of rain, he empties
a pot of water.
ΚΑΙΚΙΑΣ (North East).
He throws a basket of hailstones
on those below.
ΕΥΡΟΣ (South East).
An old man with beard
is wrapped in a cloak.
A young man bringing
fruits and grain.
A semi naked young man
scattering flowers.
ΣΚΙΡΩΝ (North West).
He scatters glowing ashes
from a bronze vessel.
ΛΙΨ (South West).
He holds the stern of a ship as he steers.


It is interesting to note that the Chinese consider 8 a lucky number.
This is because the pronunciation for the number 8 is "ba", which sounds like "fa", which means to  make a fortune, to acquire wealth, or to become rich.